Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shelby and I continued

I've lost track of the days of our trip. This is the first day of our drive back home. It rained throughout our two day drive which created a very peaceful atmosphere. Shelby did most of the driving as I was exhausted and I dislike driving in the rain. I settled for taking pictures along the way! :-)

Shelby and I arrived in St Louis exhausted beyond belief. It had been a long trip by this point and a very long day of driving.... However, our hotel happened to be within sight of the Arch, and I had never been to the Arch before... So even though it was pouring rain and Shelby and I didn't have an umbrella, or jackets... Shelby was a good sport and walked with me so I could take a few before bed. :-) I love my sister!

I loved the effect of the clouds with the lights reflecting off of them.

We both ended up COLD, WET, and WAY BEYOND TIRED! Did I mention it was 46* out that night. ;-) Like I said, I have one AMAZING sister! :-)

Happy last day of May!

Kristina Cowan

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiration Monday!

Not only is today Monday, but it is also Memorial Day AND my Parent's 28th Wedding Anniversary! So I think today is a pretty great day! For inspiration today I stole a picture from one of my trips to D.C. As I am an Army brat, I am sure you are all well aware of my Patriotic Spirit! So I decided to not only be inspired today by God's words but also the heros of our country that have given so much of themselves to insure our freedom. A huge thank you to all of our HEROS!

Have a blessed DAY!

Kristina Cowan

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Esther and Hunter Part 2

I know that after Part 1 everyone has been waiting for Part 2! :-) I'm sure we still have one or two posts left to go as well! ;-)

A few more shots of Hunter

and ESTHER! :-) Yes Esther, you are stunning!

Hunter and his brother/best man, Ben.

Hannah and Esther had me cracking up! They would randomly do things like this while I was trying to get them set up for shots. It was GREAT! Way to be you girls! :-) You are so much fun! By the way Hannah.... I think it's time for you to come visit me. ;-)

Two very special girls!
Esther was sooooo Happy to get to meet Andrea on this trip! Now all of Andrea's Aunts and Uncles have met her and love her. :-)

I promise Part 3 will contain pictures of the bride and groom TOGETHER!

Good night all!

Kristina Cowan

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leah is 8

Sunday we celebrated my youngest sister, Leah's birthday. I can't believe she is alraedy 8. I remember holding her in my arms at night and walking outside our house in Korea singing to her. She loved to be outside, she would calm down and finally fall asleep as I walked up and down the sidewalk softly singing to her.

As you can plainly see, she is no longer a baby. She has grown into a big girl that still loves to be outside, and loves her nephews and her little niece soooo much! They look up to her and love to have her playing with them. Leah is a special blessing that God gave my family, and I can't imagine our family without her.

Happy Tuesday!

Krisitna Cowan

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Inspiration Monday-Wheat

This week's Inspiration comes from Galatians, and a wheat field. Shelby and I plus a friend were taking pictures of this wheat during sunset this last week. I was struck with thoughts such as growing in Christ, and God supplying our needs. It is so wonderful to know that He is our provider and protector through everything that happens.

I hope all of you are having a great Monday! Pictures of my sweet sister Leah in her beautiful Birthday dress will be up tomorrow, so don't forget to stop back by. :-)

Happy Monday!


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Esther and Hunter Part 1

As promised here is a real post on The wedding. It's a starter post at anyrate. :-)

Esther had so much help getting ready. The dressing room was alive with people chatting, doing Makeup, hair, and taking pictures of course.

She looks excited!!! ;-)

The groom is all ready and waiting for the wedding to begin!

Last minute touch up before pictures!

Hunter was so great and allowed me to put him in lots of different places for pictures! We did his photos while Esther was finishing up!

Now the image everyone has been waiting for I KNOW! Yes, that's right, here is a picture of the lovely bride!

It was a joy and honor to be at Esther's wedding and to have been given the delight of taking her wedding photos. She is such a treasure, with a great spirit about her. Thank you so much Esther for giving me the priviledge of capturing memories from your special day!

Don't worry, I'll be posting more pictures next week! :-)

Till next week!

Kristina Cowan


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shelby and I Day 5!

Esther had an AMAZING dress! The detailed beadwork on it was simply stunning! The dress was almost as beautiful as Esther! :-) A picture of the bride will be coming soon!!!!!

Day 5 found Shelby and I helping out at the church in Pennsylvania and getting ready for the Rehearsal! The little ring bearer did such a good job... Even if he was getting a little tired, poor guy. :-)

Next up on the blog will be a real sneak peek of the WEDDING DAY!!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Kristina Cowan

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shelby and I Day 4! :-)

Another teaser image from Esther and Hunter's Wedding!!!!

Day 4! Yes, this was Thursday. Thursday found Shelby and I stopping by Ft Meade to say hello to Heather and pick up some fabric she had for my Mom. It was good to see her and her family, her children have all gotten sooo big.

Next up was seeing KATIE!!!! :-) Thanks for spending the afternoon with us KATIE!!!!!!

We went out for lunch and then decided getting nails done would be very nice, so we did that too! :-)

Then of course.... Starbucks Happy Hour seemed to be in order. I think they really enjoyed their coconut mocha frappucino's.

I usually do not jump into photos, but I HAD to have a photo of Katie and I! Miss you Katie!

Timer picture! Look at these good friends!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Esther's Teaser!

I know everyone is patiently awaiting the rest of the posts from my trip! If I had been able to connect to the internet this week they would already be up! Here is a little teaser snippet from Esther and Hunter's more will be coming, I PROMISE! :-)

Okay, I know it's a little late in the day but it is Monday so here is Inspiration Monday!

God is Faithful! AMEN! Shelby and I are safely home! I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday is going well!

Happy Monday,

Kristina Cowan


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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shelby and I Day 3!

Day 3 was yesterday! It was a day filled with laughter, stories, and memories all rolled into one! We met up with some friends and headed to Baltimore Inner Harbor. We found a vacant spot with a view and decided to sit and enjoy the moment while we chatted.

I set the camera up on timer and jumped into the conversation without anyone realizing I was getting a group photo,. I wanted to have me in some pictures from today too! :-)

Next, we decided to walk around the harbor and look at whatever took our fancy, which put us at this little lighthouse.

This sign didn't make any sense to us. It's on the sidwalk leading up to the water... No Stopping??? For what? HAHA! Anyway, we were all in crazy hilarious moods and decided it was odd so we took a picture! :-)

Random pictures from our wanderings

Yes, Shelby thought this car was awesome... I mean who wouldn't!

Next up was picnic at the park! This was a great idea JAMES! Thanks! Of course the plan was changed slightly as it was firmly decided that if we were going to a park it needed to have swings! :-)

Frisbee, lemonade, chicken salad, more talking, and SWINGS! Oh yes, a great afternoon... although most of the people in these pictures are now very red... apparently nobody thought about sunscreen. :-/ Oh well, we all had a LOT of fun.


WOW! We laughed at ourselves and each other as we attempted to not say the words... and have everyone try and guess the right word! That is... if we read the word right and knew which word we were supposed to be having them guess!

One amazing day filled with memories! I can't wait for you all to come visit us in Kansas! We will try and come up with a day as awesome as this one was! Thanks so much for spending the day with us! Shelby and I enjoyed it sooooo much!

That's all for Day 3!

Kristina Cowan

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