Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiration Mondays!

I don't know about you... but for ME Mondays are "get busy and catch up on stuff" days. They tend to be full of me conquering tons of little tasks that have piled up over the weekend, and they can be overwhelming.

So, I was sitting down, drinking a fantastic cup of Chai this weekend and thinking about what inspires me and how I could use that to make Mondays better. I felt like Pooh Bear ( Yes, I am a huge fan of his still) sitting there rubbing my forehead "think, think, think". I thought, well, the top two things that inspire me are God, and images... So I've decided to put the two together for the purpose of what I am calling Inspiration Mondays, I will be trying to post a new one every Monday! I hope that they brighten your week, because I know that my Monday is already looking better! ;-)

In the craziness that is Monday I felt this was a very good reminder to start with, not to mention Mt. Cook, New Zealand is always inspiring to me! This image was taken in 2008 on my IPS PhotoEX trip.
Happy Monday Y'all!



Images brought to you by Memorycatcher Photography located in Leavenworth, KS 66048


  1. Love it!! Such a great Monday message! I'll be checking in each Monday for some more inspiration =)