Wednesday, May 30, 2012

29 years!!!!

People ask me all the time how my Mom and Dad do it! I think the easiest way to answer this is through the Lord! Their life like everyone else's has been a journey of walking with the Lord and growing in grace and love. They have been a great example to so many of what a loving, and godly marriage or family can look like. Does this mean they... or we are perfect? BY NO MEANS! They would be the first to tell you we all have many faults. However, I happen to think our faults grow us closer to God, as we seek Him and realize how GREAT He is and how weak we are! 

ANYWAYS! My parents are celebrating 29 AMAZING years today!!! Here are a few pictures from 29 years ago, and a few more recent ones! :-) ENJOY! 

Okay, the next two were taken in the fall, and I never blogged them, so I thought I'd include a couple of them here. :-) 

This was them heading out the door to P.F. Changs tonight! Aren't they amazing?! Love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for being such a great example of a Godly marriage to each of us girls! 

SOOOO much love!!! 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

5 years and counting! Yes, that's right. FIVE years ago this Saturday my sister married Seth Ilgenfritz. They have been a great couple and have started an awesome family. They just had their fourth child in April. :-) Exciting stuff. Anyway, we realized it had been a while since we had taken pictures of just the two of them minus all the kiddos, so we decided to rectify that problem! I love the fact that they let me play around with them! We had such a great time! 

 Aren't they such a great couple?! 

 I got these great chalkboards for my birthday, and hadn't had a chance to use them yet... So after we had the shots we wanted we played around. 

Happy Anniversary you two, and thank you so much for letting me do some new pictures for you! Love y'all! 

Happy Tuesday,

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Inspiration Monday!

Inspiration Monday comes from Te Mata Peak, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand 2008

I love the beauty in this verse. Sometimes its hard to be brave and stand strong letting your light blaze forth. It is so much easier when you consider the "glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard" With God at our backs what have we to fear?! 

Happy Monday!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Father's Day Mini Sessions!

For the first time ever Memorycatcher Photography is offering Mini Sessions! This is an attempt to make sessions less expensive so that you can have the memories you want at the price you need them! :-)

This could be kid sessions, seniors, maternity, family... whatever YOU want! 
This is a one time offer for June the 16th. So please, book your slot as soon as possible to guarantee you get a spot! To book your slot go to the website, or email me at or call at 913-704-9868 If you refer a friend that BOOKS a shoot  and gives me your name as a referral, you will receive a complimentary 8x10 from your session. So share us on Facebook, or email your friends to let them know about this GREAT offer! Looking forward to hearing from all of you! 


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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Inspiration ~ New Zealand

I know I have FAILED at regularly posting on Monday, but here is another Monday Inspiration! 

Today I find myself thinking back to my trip to New Zealand in 2008. God was so good to me throughout that trip. Constantly showing me new things, drawing me closer to Him one day at a time. Again and Again He has supplied my needs, always there helping me along. Using people on the trip to spur me onward and encourage me along the way.

The last few years I have faced some difficult health challenges, and though I am often overwhelmed by them... God has been with me providing all my needs and sustaining me throughout this journey. So I guess my encouragement to you today would be that no matter what you are facing, no matter how overwhelmed by your life you become. God is there for you willing to supply your needs as well and lift you up. Seek Him for your sustenance.

Happy Monday!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Matthew David

Some of you may remember that my sister, Shelby, went to help a missionary out this past winter. Well, they  are stateside for a little while and came to see us tonight! We were soooo happy to get to meet little 
Matthew David! 

Such a great little family for God! 

Thank you Sara and James for coming by and allowing me to take pictures! It was GREAT!

and YES! Of COURSE we got a photo of Shelby with the little man! 

Happy Thursday! 

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