Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shelby and I Day 2!

Today was good but thoughtful as I spent a lot of time communicating with people, and praying for my Dad as he went into surgery without us home. Prayed a lot for my Mom too feeling bad I had left her alone. God blessed my heart today by not only bringing my Dad safely through surgery, but also by enveloping my mother with love. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone that stopped by the hospital today to sit with my Mom and check on her. What a great blessing. I pray God blesses your lives as much as you have blessed my family's lives today. You all know who you are thank you sooo much!

Here are a couple pictures of my Dad from his birthday that I never posted!

He loves his little grandsons and they love him too!

I'm afraid Shelby and I have this habit of driving till we get to our destination without stopping to take pictures... This is certainly something we need to work on! ;-)

However today's drive went smoothly despite my forgetfullness of what driving in traffic up here is like. Snippet from my day:

I'm driving along gripping my wheel in 5 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic as cars weave in and out like they do NOT do in KS! :-)

Shelby is on the phone with Lindsay and suddenly exclaims and pulls away from the door of the car she was resting on.

I jump and grip the wheel as I almost have a heart attack thinking something was wrong or someone was coming into our lane.

Then we laugh hysterically at my reaction(since she was totally talking to Lindsay) as I slowly adjusted to the traffic! LOL!

After eating cheese and crackers in the car for lunch... OUTBACK was so on the menu this evening! I have to keep my second driver happy, and this is an easy way of doing it! Just ask her how much she likes her steak! :-)

Yeah.... This was our first attempt to self capture an image of the two of us from this trip! Not exactly what we were looking for... ;-) But still it's kinda cute. :-)

Now, that's a little bit more like it! This is proof we arrived in MD safely and now we are all settled in and just about ready to sleep! See all of you tomorrow!

Good night from MD!

Kristina Cowan


Images brought to you by Memorycatcher Photography located in Leavenworth Kansas 66048

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  1. Heather PetersonMay 10, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    Yeah, like I always say, the driving here is at the PhD level!
    Yay for the steaks!
    Yay that you're here safely, but I wish we were all in KS! :)