Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Cowan Clan in the Smokies Day 2!

Day 2 found the Cowan Clan at the Creation Museum!

When you first walk in they have a giant green screen set up to do family pictures. Yes, I'm really feeling the need to have a green screen now. :-)

They take one serious picture...

And one silly picture.

Then I took a picture of everyone to send to our friends that made our trip to the museum possible. (See previous post)

Ken Ham was there so we were able to sit in on a kid session that He and Buddy Davis did together.

Leah loved all of the displays. She doesn't remember us doing a lot of museums and things like that in the past. She was either too little before or not in existance yet. ;-)

Down one of the hallways we saw this door. Leah looks at it. Looks at me. and then poses in front of it with as serious a face as I've ever seen.

are you scared?!!!

At the ark display they had these little screens set up where you can help Noah build the ark by answering questions. Leah thought that was neat.

Next up, the three little girls were ecstatic about getting to ride on CAMELS!

The gardens were beautiful! I settled with only posting a couple of flower pictures! ;-)

The girls enjoyed going all of the different bridges in the garden.

After we were done at the Museum Dad surprised us all by taking us to Mom's favortie restaurant!

Yes, the food was INCREDIBLE!!!!

That's it for Day 2! I can't wait to see what Day 3 holds!

Kristina Cowan

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  1. Sweet!!! So glad you all were able to continue on your vacation! I was feeling so bad for you all. PTL!!! Go John, Jesse, and Maxwells!