Monday, August 29, 2011

The Cowan Clan in the Smokies Day 1!

Because of our trip I'm skipping Inspiration Monday so I can blog about our trip! So here is The Cowan Clan in the Smokies Day 1! Sunday, August 28th

We were up early and were heading out the door when... ZOOM! Out flies my dog running down the street! ( This was after his previous two attempts to come with us in the van this morning already!) After driving around and getting him back home we try to again leave the house. This time we made it 10 minutes down the road before someone realize they had left something very important behind. So we turned around and headed home again. Right about now Leah, my youngest sister looks out her window and says "LOOK! The sky is turning all purply!" Victoria tells her "Leah, it's called a sunrise" I thought that was pretty funny. Apparently Leah doesn't remember being awake for any other sunrises. :-)

Finally at 0630 we left the house on our WAY!!!! Or so we thought.... Two and a half hours down the road the van shut off as we were driving on I 70 east. We pulled over to the side of the road. Stranded. We started praying and tried calling road side assistance they couldn't find anyone near by that could tow us or help us with the van. Some very gracious friends decided to be God's blessing to us in such a huge way and sent two of their sons with their 12 passenger van to come help us from TWO and a half HOURS AWAY! We were able to get the van to start and drove to a gas station to sit and await their arrival, as the van still wouldn't run right.

Here we are at the gas station as we await the arrival of our rescuers.

We decided to get something to drink and were happy to see the gas station had what has become one of our favorite drinks lately! This lemonade is really good!

Some of the girls decided to get rid of some random energy by challenging Shelby to a game of tag... Needless to say, they didn't stand a chance. However, they did burn some great energy.

The arrival of Jesse

and John! These two gave up so much of their time, and energy to inconvenience themselves in order to help us. John replaced the fuel filter and then decided to drive behind us for 30 minutes to see if the van would run now. Sure enough, after pulling onto the highway for a few minutes the van started driving odd and as we got off the highway it started to die on us again.

Here is what I call going above and beyond graciousness. This sweet family now proceeded to encourage us to abandon the boys with our van, move all of our stuff into their van and continue on our way. We feel incredibly loved, blessed, and humbled by all of their generosity and efforts on our behalf. Truly they showed the love of Christ to us.

This is truly the Cowan clans favorite drink! We ate chicken salad for dinner that I had made before we left and drank snapple! Making it a great quick meal, which was nice considering how much time we had lost.

We kicked back and relaxed and drove to our hotel in Florence, KY. Praising God for our safe arrival. Thanks to our amazing friends we made it and were able to spend today at the Creation Museum... which will be the blog post for tomorrow! :-)

Philipians 4:19-20 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Fatherbe glory forever and ever. Amen.

Today was a great example of God supplying more than all of our needs!

Catch Day 2 tomorrow!


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