Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Inspiration~ Washington D.C.

Okay, this last week, I've been thinking about my time spent on the east coast a lot. So in honor of that I'm using one of my MANY pictures of the D.C. area for our Monday Inspiration. I thoroughly enjoyed the time my family spent living in MD and the opportunities it opened to be able to see and discover D.C. with friends and family. My favorite time to tour D.C. was night time. (In the rain and at night without umbrellas... is THE BEST! :-) ) 

Putting this verse with this picture is a huge reminder that our country and all that we are is indeed the LORD'S! I think sometimes we try to keep God out of the picture and we think we as humans are going to be able to "fix" things in life... How very wrong we are. Everything that is, was, or will be, is ALL God's and HE is in control! 

Anyway, I found that as a great reminder today! I hope everyone else is having a great Monday! 


~Images brought to you by Memorycatcher Photography located in Leavenworth Kansas 66048


  1. I was there with you when you took that picture :)

  2. Were you? Wow! I didn't even remember that! I went so many different times, it's hard to remember who was with me when I took certain pictures! :-)