Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yellowstone August 16th.

I've decided to start blogging a day behind! ;-) So this was our day here in Yellowstone yesterday!
We started out at the Mammoth hot springs. It was incredible to watch the steam building up from the water.

Staying on the path was very important as the ground around you is super HOT!
I actually passed off the camera for a little bit to hold Jackson! So Shelby took this picture. :-)

Next stop LUNCH!

Leah is so funny with her binoculars! ^^^
Way out on the left you can see a buffalo, but don't worry, more up close pictures to come! :-)
Next we walked around the northern rim of Yellowstone Grand Canyon

We got to see some pretty amazing clouds as it began to rain.
Since most of the day was driving around Yellostone I thought this picture was very fitting.
Houston loved watching everything over Shelby's shoulder!
This was BEFORE we got rained on. We found out that the rain here is really slush. We had Ice on us instead of just water.
Victoria enjoyed leading the way.
And the animal fun BEGINS!!!

Yes, we were really standing this close!

That's all for this day, but stay tuned for tomorrow's blog... bears to be seen! :-)


  1. Wow! I love the pictures. It makes me want to go there, and I'm glad you got some pictures of you. :)

  2. Glad you liked the photos. You would love it here. It is soooo beautiful!