Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 17th

Everyone was SOOOO tired. So we left Jackson, Houston, Joanna (who has had a cold), and Leah at the cabin with Shelby (who voluntered to stay behind). They enjoyed the day at the cabin and the boys were able to SLEEP! The rest of us headed out to hike to a waterfall. :-) So this blog is mostly pictures I took along the trail.

Yes, we all made it safely across! :-)
We all went back to the cabin for a little bit, and then Dad took Mom, Victoria, and I back into the park to look for bears (for Mom) and me to try and catch a sunset on the lake :-). It was a late night but both missions were a huge success.
YES!!! We DID get to see a BEAR!!! Nobody thought we would, but we DID!!! It made the trip for my Mom. :-) I wish you could have seen her. :-)

The next two are my darling parents. :-)
Next is sweet Victoria who has come along for every adventure this trip!

My Mom took this picture for me! :-) Well, that is it for Yellowstone August 17th. Stay tuned for the 18th's post. :-)


  1. I'm loving looking at your photos of the trip! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Mrs. G

  2. I'm glad you are lovin' them! :-) Sharing pictures is my pleasure! We have loved this trip! This family vacation was WAY overdue! :-)

  3. looks almost as good as New zealand...almost!