Sunday, August 22, 2010

We said goodbye to yellowstone and headed to Mt. Rushmore. We stopped in Cody Wyoming for lunch.

Houston LOVED the opportunity to play in the grass for a little bit.
Mom even enjoyed the chance to play. ;-)
I was so surprised to see a display of the Ten Commandments up in the City Park in Cody!!! Right there next to the swings!! How amazing is that!?!

It was a LONG day with a LONG car ride, but at last we found ourselves looking up at Mt. Rushmore!
Shelby allowed me to use her to test my settings to see how I could best get both her and Mt. Rushmore lit up in the photo!
GROUP PICTURE!! Who are these ragged exhausting looking people!?!


  1. Wow Kristina! Your pictures are amazing! I especially love the one of Mt. Rushmore at night!

  2. NICE!!! Yellowstone is beautiful! Great pictures:)

  3. Thank you so much! Yes, God designed Yellowstone AMAZING!! I enjoyed it a LOT!