Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Fallen Hero

First I want to apologize to all my viewers, and fans who have patiently been awaiting more updates, and Ireland pictures. Hopefully this post even though there are no pictures will explain my lack of presence on the blog and Facebook.

Tue. May 18th, I received a phone call on my cell informing me that a family we knew had just lost their Husband/Father/Grandfather in a car Bomb in Afghanistan that morning. My heart immediatly got caught in my throat as I tried to absorb this information.

My mom and I rushed over to their house to be with the family and helped throughout the week. Col. John McHuch left his Wife, Son Michael (married, 21 and stationed in Iraq), Daughters Kelly (19), Kristen (17), Maggie (11), son David (5), and grandaughter Abigail (2 months).

My time has been spent helping this family as they deal with this loss and try to move on. Their has been a huge outpouring of love in this community here for them. It is a huge blessing to me to know that Col. McHugh and his whole immediate family are Christians. It has been amazing to watch first hand as God's grace and strength are being poured out. To watch God work is incredible.

Anyway, as I've listened to people share about this man and his family, and watched everything unfold... It has left me with some thoughts. This man holds many medals, and honors, he also was blessed by being a Col. in the Military. However, as you listen to people talk these are the things people are saying about him

"It was a blessing to work with John because He was a good man"
"He would always smile, or wave, never passed you by"
"Never too busy to say hello or lend a helping hand"
"always willing to help"
"Great soccer Coach"
"A family man"
"You didn't have to wonder what was important to John he made sure you knew that God and his family were top priority"

Articles about him have been written and published by sooo many important people that knew him and loved him. Don't believe the things I'm saying Google Col John McHugh and see what all comes up.

As I saw all of this and reflected on everything that I was getting to see and participate in. I wanted to encourage you to think through what people would be saying about you if you died today. What would you WANT them to say? What can you do to live your life in such a way that without even trying you would have touched soooooooooooo many lives just by living your life not really trying to make a difference just living a Godly life. Some relatives made a fan page for him for people to post things like articles, clips, stories about him... by noon of that same day their were 1200 fans. I have NO IDEA what the count is up to now, but that alone overwhelmed me. The ministry this man had and the lives he touched simply by living his life.

I think too often we are characterized by being too busy for people, driven, fashionable, caring about people, but unable to fit them in our schedule, we help people when it works for us, not when they need us the most. Are we even looking to see how we can help people and be there for them in little ways?

Anyway, I've been feeling the need to share. The family has already been through the military memorial service, and then his casket showing up today from Afghanistan, tomorrow is the funeral. I KNOW the family would appreciate everyone's prayers and support as they go through this and in the next upcoming months as they deal with their loss. Please pray for them.

Living in God's grace,


  1. Thank you Kristina for this post. You and your family continue to be such a blessing to so many. You guys were there for us and now for the McHugh's. I will keep praying for them - especially during this Memorial Day. God Bless.

  2. Thank you for the prayers! I know they appreciate them! We've certainly been blessed by being allowed to be there for people.