Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Merry Christmas to all my amazing clients and fans! It has been a very blessed year with many ups and downs. It has been a journey and I have blessed over and over again! 

 Yes, it was very cold, but my family was amazing and allowed me to do our shoot outside in the SNOW! It made me an incredibly happy person! 

The parents God has blessed my life with. There simply are no words to describe how incredibly blessed I am by these two God given examples in my life offering me guidance and support.  

All of us girls except my oldest sister, Lindsay. 

 Leah, the joyful "baby" of the family

 Joanna, who graciously stepped in at the last minute to be my assistant after Victoria was put in the hospital! Thank you so much Joanna for your willingness to help in any way you could! 

 Victoria, my energy filled assistants for a good many of my sessions this year while Shelby was gone. Victoria, thank you so much for sharing your high energy with me. :-) 

 Shelby, whom everyone should know by now with all the posts on her recent engagement! :-) 

My prayer for each of you this year is that you know the true joy of Christmas and that you are celebrating the birth of our great Savior tomorrow. I pray that I continue to be amazed every year by the amazing gift God has given us by sending His son for us to be born as a lowly baby in a manger. I pray that I never take His sacrifice for granted, but rather continue to marvel in the magnificence of His great love for us. 

Merry Christmas! 

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