Monday, June 2, 2014

Promoted to Glory, Rex Frazer 1931-2014

As some of you know Rex Frazer was promoted to GLORY a little over a week ago. This last Friday we celebrated his life, death, and promotion into eternal life. 

For those that may not know LTC (R) Frazer served this country for almost 30 years and earned 3 bronze stars- 1 for Valor, 2 Purple Hearts, the Combat Infantry Badge, Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal, and Vietnam Commendation Medal. 

However, for those of us that knew him that was a small part of who he was. He was above all a servant of the Lord impacting those around him to glorify God. Many lives have been changed by His and His wife's service for the kingdom of heaven. 

As a friend of the family I was given the extreme honor to be present throughout this day and given the honor of being allowed to capture Rex Frazer being honored on Friday. Mrs. Frazer (or as I call her Gigi) gave me permission to honor Mr. Frazer in my own way through this blog post. 

The Military is a family all it's own and I loved getting to see that in full force on Friday as we gathered to honor Mr. Frazer for his service. God gave us beautiful blue skies for the day and I thought it was a great blessing.

There is something about hearing TAPS play that cannot be described at all.

It was in the giving of the flag that I found myself bawling while I tried to pull  it together enough to continue taking pictures.

As we entered the post with the Patriot Guard escorting us I was blown away by EVERYONE that pulled over immediately, stopped whatever they were doing (running, biking, walking, working) to honor Mr. Frazer as we drove through post. 

The picture below while not my best image touched my heart a lot. This soldier standing at attention is clearly explaining to her little son what is going on and he starts to salute us as we drive by, bringing me to tears yet again.

Some of Mr. Frazer's grandkids honored him with a song at the memorial that he had requested for them to sing "They're Holding Up The Ladder". It was a touching moment to all that attended. I had MANY people coming up to tell me how amazing and wonderful it was. Grandad would have been so proud of all of them!

Troy, another grandson honored him by playing and singing "I Will Rise" There were very few dry eyes in the congregation at this point.

Here I want to thank the MANY ladies at the chapel that showered their love in the decorating and food prep following the service. It was such a blessing to everyone. I know the family appreciated everyone's efforts. It was a great time of fellowship for friends and family together.

If there is an example on earth of a "Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 woman" Gigi is it. To know her is to love her. She is an amazing woman of God that I am beyond blessed to know.

The thought I want to leave you with is where are you headed? Are you following Christ? Are you impacting the world for Him? If you were to die, what would people say about you? 

"For me to live IS Christ, and to die IS gain" 
Philippians 1:21

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