Monday, September 3, 2012

Rain or Shine!

Alright, I don't know what all of you did this rainy weekend.... However I had the great pleasure of breaking in my new backdrops. I mean what better way to spend a rainy day then playing with some great kids, lights, and AWESOME backdrops?!

Can you tell I'm excited? I had the hardest time picking just a few images for you to get to see the new backdrops, but I did manage to keep it to under a dozen images. :-) 

The first one is my new Pink backdrop. Modeling for us is Andrea!

Maggie gets to model too! ;-)

This is my Blue swirl our sweet model is Logan! 

Third we have the golden diamonds with Maggie as the model again. 

The Old World backdrop modeled by Houston

Jackson and Houston

Okay, so now there is no need to worry about the rain, and cold of winter, cause we can do awesome things in studio too! :-) 

Night Everyone!

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