Sunday, December 11, 2011

Welcome HOME to the 40th MP Battalion!

Last Sunday I was honored to get to be a part of something truly special! I went to wait with the families and to be there with them as their loved ones returned from Iraq in time for Christmas.

It was a long wait for some as there were delays, but I think everyone would say it was worth the wait to see their loved ones as they arrived! I for one, was sooo happy to be there. As a military brat I could relate to the emotions in the room, and yes... I cried.. I AM human. :-) It was a wonderful moment for each of these families... but it is also a reminder that there are those serving our country that won't be home for the holidays, and my prayers are with them and their loved ones back home.

Here are some highlights of the day!

This little guy was sooo proud of his sign, he wanted to make sure EVERYONE saw it! :-)

They showed a slideshow of pictures while we waited, of the soldiers while they've been gone, and of family members back home too... They had some great song choices in there, and yes, this was my FIRST time crying that day, but not my last.

People watching the slideshow and looking for their loved one in the photos.

The kiddos really did a great job hanging in there. It was obvious some had been there since early that morning and were tired. Poor little things!

It was so nice to see all the signs people had made as well as all the flags people were holding onto awaiting the special moment.

The first ARRIVAL!

As these doors opened to reveal the soldiers headed in, in formation the crowd went wild! You really can't imagine the emotions in the place. You HAD to be there to see it!

Soldiers waiting in line to be released to their families.... That had to be hard.

Everyone looking for their soldier in the lineup. You can see some happy faces as they found them!

Then the ceremonial first kiss home, and then they were released and family members RUSHED out to join their soldier! It was CHAOS! But good chaos! :-)

I loved how this soldier jumped right back into being a Dad getting his little girl's shoes on and buttoning her coat for her. You could tell they had missed one another and that he was SOOO happy to be home.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my highlights from the day! Perhaps it gives you a small glimpse into military life, and perhaps you will enjoy your family this Christmas season even more with the reminder that there are those who have sacrificed their Christmases to protect and serve you.

God bless,


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