Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Inspiration From Memorycatcher Photography-Faithfulness

Today I am overwhelmed with God's great Faithfulness to me. You see last week my health went downhill and I couldn't figure out why... I was upset as I was heading out of town to shoot a wedding, and I needed to be able to function. I arrived and felt AWFUL I only slept for 1 hour woke up feeling horrid. AS I lay awake and tried to figure out why this was happening I kept being brought back to this sentence "You know better than I, Lord you know the way, I'm letting go the need to know why, cause you know better than I" My Mom is brilliant and realized I was having a bad reaction to a new medication I am on. I decided to not take that medication, and get up and go for the wedding relying on God's faithfulness to get me through. He answered above and beyond my needs showing me He is in control and He cares for me, and is faithful even in the little things.

Whay about you? Has God shown great Faithfulness to you? Are you treasuring that Faithfulnes, or is it taken for granted, are you relying on His grace daily, resting in Him? Feel free to comment and share a time where God showed His Faithfulness to you! You never know who may be touched by your sharing!

Until next time!


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