Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cowan Clan in the Smokies Day 6!

Day 6 brings us to my favorite day of the trip. I happen to love sunrises. There is just something majestically wonderful about watching the Lord paint the sky as the day awakens. It never fails to inspire me and to help me feel so close to my Saviour. I had been hoping that it would work out this vacatioin for me to fit in a sun rise hike, and it was made possible. Thanks to my awesome family and friends being willing to get up and go at an incredibly early time. Thank you everyone!

At first their was just a light fog as the first touch of color started to fill the sky, but then the fog rolled in for a while and covered everything. Giving us some very different looks as the sun rose.

It may not have been everyone else's first choice of things to do for the day, but I think everyone ended up enjoying it.

My amazing parents. My Dad was awesome and carried my backpack up the steep hike so that I could make it all the way. :-)

A man offered to take a group picture for us so here is what we have.

As I started back down the trail I looked back and this is what I saw. So... I took a picture. :-)

Next up was a brief breakfast stop and then another short hike to a waterfall.

At the waterfall I got to explain why I use tripods, and just how amazing having a slow shutter speed at a waterfall is. :-)

Then people went back to nap/play games. I mostly napped... but somehow got roped into playing Cities and Knights. We also played tons of Cowan Marbles. :-)

Next post I think is the one on dark mysterious strangers showing up at our cabin.

Until then!



  1. you got some sweet photos of the sunrise K!!! pretty cool...yeah, the catan game was interesting ;)