Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Loving Memory of Kodak

One of our family dogs, Kodak, passed away this week. I wanted to post a few pictures of Kodak and his life with us. Most of the following images were taken when He first arrived (before I was a photographer). So I apologize in advance for the poor quality.

Kodak traveled around D.C. with us in the wagon with little Leah. :-)

Unlike my dog, Archie, Kodak wasn't really a fan of the snow.
Obedience training classes finally over we made it through them. :-)

BUDDIES! :-) I think my dog is missing his playmate.

Kodak loved Joanna very much and she took such great care of him.

We could never get Kodak to play with any dog toys, but he LOVED this shoe. He would jump around with it, chase it, play tug-a-war with it.... He LOVED it! :-)
We are sad that he is gone, but we were blessed to have him and we are glad that he is not suffering.

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  1. I am more than sad for your loss. Love can never be replaced and the memories will always live in you. Michael & Donna