Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One more teaser...

Last teaser, and then when I get home I'm going to get caught up on pictures and slowly post new ones every week.... If not sooner then that.

I learned HDR so this is my first one! :) Enjoy! Yes Jon, this post is for you because you requested another one. :) This photo was taken on Day 5. I'm hoping to come home and do the rest in ORDER!


  1. Beautiful!!
    Thanks for another one. Look forward to seeing more. I'm going to have to try that HDR thing. Looks cool! You think that even a Nikon can take them:)

  2. Thanks LEAH! I miss you!

    Jon, Oh yes! Nikon people here have been doing them, and I have the program needed to put them together, so we will have to hang out sometime and I'll show you how to take them and then we will put it together... It's pretty AWESOME!

  3. Wow!!! i love it!!! the blue is soooooo beautiful!!!!

  4. Thanks Cara! You would LOVE doing HDR! :)