Thursday, October 10, 2013

WEDDING! ~ Kayln & Kyle

This wedding was the BEST!!!! You all KNOW how much I LOVE RED and being from Texas I love trucks too! Well, this truck is simply AMAZING in my books! So glad we were able to use it in photos! 

Kyle, was so excited to be getting ready for his bride you could just see all of his excitement bubbling up! It was fun to witness! 

I loved all the heritage that was woven in through the wedding! I fell in love with her locket and all the family history she used throughout the day. :-) 

For instance, she wore her Mother's dress! She was stunning!!! 

This wedding was bittersweet for me as it will probably be the last wedding my sister Shelby shoots with me. Shelby just married the love of her life and moved VERY far away. :-( This next photo was her idea and set up! Thank you for all your help and support Shelby! 

The wedding party was great to work with as they were willing to work with me and they helped pictures to go smoothly!

Another "Shelby picture" Shoes are very important to her so she thought we needed a picture of all of their different shoes! 

PLUS! I discovered a NEW shooting area!!! Yes, I'm in LOVE with it! 

Kalyn and Kyle are an amazing couple and I was so blessed to be able to capture their special day! I have NEVER been thanked SO much at a wedding before in my life! It was very thoughtful and sweet of them. They are a great couple to work with so I can only imagine how blessed their friends are! 

~All images brought to you by Memorycatcher Photography located in Leavenworth Kansas 

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