Monday, December 27, 2010


A week and a half ago I did this Senior shoot, and now that Christmas is over I am busily editting and posting! Darian had planned on it being an in studio shoot, but when Darian arrived I asked if we could take a couple outside when we were done with the studio shots. It wasn't as cold as it had been, and not as cold as it has been ever since. Darian was very nice and braved the cold for TEN minutes for me. I am SOOOO glad she did because those were very easily my favorite images!
This is my favorite image by far! :-) I was editing this image and my little seven year old sister, Leah, says "WOW! she has BEAUTIFUL eyes!" This made me smile because I told Darian several times during the shoot that her eyes were magnificent!

Feeling the drama?! Yes, I had a lot of fun on this shoot! It's amazing how much you can do with 10 minutes!

I love the feel in this one.

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside Darian's Shoot! Happy Monday everyone!

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