Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yes, we celebrate Houston's 1st BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH!! So, I thought I would show you pictures, like the pround Aunt K that I am! :-)
Shelby made him a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake. It was SOOOO yummy... She outdid herself!

Hmmm.... what is this?

OH! it's Yummy! and SQUISHY!!!!!
Oh boy, that is sweet, time for a drink!
Brother Jackson looking on and eating a Fortune cookie. He is patiently waiting for his piece of cake. :-)
hmmm.... I think it's BATH TIME!
Now that I'm all clean in my PJ's it's time for presents! Wait, this book looks like that squishy thing I just ate!!

Aunt Shelby taking a picture for Dad on his Iphone 4!


  1. Wow! That cake is beautiful! How did you ever get all that RED icing cleaned up?!

  2. The red icing came right off and out of his shirt! Can you believe that!?! We couldn't.