Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Promise of Spring.

With the winter storms sweeping across the country I thought I would post about the coming of spring. :)
At the begining of last week I got out of my shower to find my family all huddled around the living room windows looking at our backyard. They were saying that I just HAD to come and see this. I walked over to the window to find TONS of birds! Red, Blue, Orange headed, and black birds. The yard was covered in them. We were all hoping that is was a sign that spring was coming and that we had seen the last of our snow.... Sadly this was not true. However, I did have a great time outside trying to catch the birds unaware. ;) Here are a few shots from that morning.
Yes, my toes turned beet red, and my hair turned to icicles. But hey, isn't that what a fireplace is for anyway... to thaw out? :) I hope all of you are keeping warm and enjoying your day! Don't worry, spring will get here before you know it. Then we can all enjoy the change of season and getting to see the world come "alive" again. :) Plus, the return of the birds. :)


  1. Oh, what beautiful birds! I never cease to be facinated with God's feathered creations and the industrious hopefulness and contentedness they seem to convey.